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For people advocating that you must or must not do XYZ, please stop. If your in a bind, the client is shouting down the phone, really, the idea of being overly evangelistic in your craft somewhat goes out of the window. In an ideal world, or in a wonderful world where you have no clients, no deadlines and exist just to do research you lucky person! I have a horizontal flyout menu in a fixed position.

Fixed position elements is a known issue with android browsers. I know UA detection is bad practice, however: What do you do if a specific version of safari on a specific version of IOS iphone 4 is not supporting innerwidth and innerheight and you workaround by scrolling to the bottom of the page when you need it, then scrolling back convoluted example, but yes, this is how it works on safari on IOS iphone 4. What do you do for this situation?

I have a question about this that I not saw anywhere.

How do you stay up to date in this fast⁠-⁠moving industry?

How can we do, if for example we want to detect when a user visit our webpage trought Android device and we want to show some message or popup to recommend or suggest to download our application published on Google Play? But how can we check the difference between Android in-app webview or just the Android browser. I want to hide some Adsense code with php when the website is runned from the in-app webview. But when the app is runned just from the mobile browser it can show Adsense. Learn how to design and implement a resilient, highly available, fault-tolerant infrastructure on AWS.

By Landon Schropp March 16, By David Walsh August 13, Discussion Erik Edgren. Very neat solution! D I love the detection via. Thanks a lot! Andrew Champ. Jonah Bron. Nice tip. David Walsh. Absolutely fantastic, David!


Keep up with the good work. Thank you for sharing! Very nice article! Mathias Bynens. User agent sniffing must die. Nice job advocating this bad practice. Stephen J. John-David Dalton. When will if isAndroid evaluate to true in your examples? Almost always -1 anyone? Badly implemented bad practice! Ramaraju Ramakanth. Gareth Poole.

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Detect Android phone via Javascript / jQuery - Stack Overflow

Pritesh Loke. David Mark.

Keegan Street. Do not use this code or code that resembles it under any circumstances. Chris Allinson. Is there a better solution?!? That will be applied for any display size. Research a little more about this and the device-pixel-ratio css property. I hope this could be helpful. Jason Grigsby. John-David, Just stumbled back on this post and your response. Alan Davies. Get inventive! The best cross-browser way I have found to detect touch devices is to use: Thanks a lot for the snippet, David!!!!

Thanks a lot for this fine site and the great help you provide!!! Greetings from Germany, thosch. Owen Borseth.

The JavaScript

Thank you for this! Works for me.

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Alex C. Gerard Turmo. Hello, I have a question about this that I not saw anywhere. Thanks at all,.

James Edwards. This method of Android detection will fail in some cases. Not sure what to suggest for PHP though …. Ryan Carson. Jhonatan Oliveira. Continue this conversation via email Get only replies to your comment, the best of the rest, as well as a daily recap of all comments on this post. That's a good question, I think that we should not consider Surface as a mobile, but it is a really hybrid device so it could fit in this category. Hi, this is something ive been looking for. Its now Oct Im a newbie coder so at the moment its beyond me to figure it out myself: Hi, window.

MDN says window. So, use of it is unreliable. There is a a really nice API for this. You can detect the device type, brand, name, and more… and it is for free! You can find it on https: February 19, Last Updated: One line function to detect mobile devices with JavaScript mobile javascript detection. If you want to test a device enter in this page: List of devices tested and confirmed working: Written by Two Fucking Developers. October 27, October 28, Is it possible to add a compatibility table to your tip?

Android Detection with JavaScript or PHP

Sure, 2fdevs! Hi robsonsobral Thank you! I've updated the function and added an online tester: Much better!