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  1. App review: SPB Shell 3D for Android
  2. SPB Shell 3D Launcher - Android App Review
  3. SPB Shell 3D Launcher – Android App Review
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App review: SPB Shell 3D for Android

By default, SPB Shell 3D grants you categories such as Communication text messages, contacts, dailer, etc , Travel world time widget, Google Maps, etc and Home a selection of your most used shortcuts, and a calender widget. You can tinker with the placement of widgets as well as swapping out and customising the selection of home screens. If you feel that the default eight screens is overkill, you can cut some out to streamline your experience.

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More 3D effects can be found as you scroll between screens. For example, a 3D clock leaps out of the display when you're viewing the 'Time' category in the home screen selection menu.

SPB Shell 3D Launcher - Android App Review

Similarly, text messages are rendered in 3D and photos magically spring to life. It's all very impressive, although aside from impressing your iPhone-owning mates, it's of little practical use. SPB Shell 3D naturally makes extensive use of your handset's 3D graphics chip, and the developer even goes as far as to state that owners of older generation phones need not apply.

Despite the huge demands being placed on the Android hardware, SPB Shell 3D runs at a silky-smooth 60 frames a second, ensuring smooth navigation and seamless animations. There are moments where the app locks up under pressure, but these are mercifully rare. A trade-off for this visual finery is the removal of Live Wallpaper support - static backgrounds are all you have to choose from, although the dynamic nature of SPB Shell 3D more than makes up for this shortcoming.

SPB Shell 3D Full en Android

The 3D Carousel intuitively brings out all of your phone's features in a single, smooth glance, where you can switch between up to 16 panels. Your apps are stored in the Apps List and can have shortcuts on any of the home screen panels though not on multiple ones. And its Smart Folders that house apps and tools can be resized into three different dimensions small, medium or large. You can get more information directly from SPB Software. One thing I haven't seen for many Android apps is a user manual, which you can download here.

SPB Shell 3D Launcher – Android App Review

It outlines everything for you, so if you have questions on how to use it, you'd be sure to find answers within. Included are instructions for downloading the app from the Android Market, customizing your home screen, adding widgets and folders, and using the 3D Carousel. I downloaded it to my htc incredible but can't get it to open! How do I? Please help!! ANd I also can't get the pdf manual page to open either!

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