Samsung galaxy s3 wifi turns itself off

WiFi shutting off

  1. wifi connection turns itself off
  2. Why is my tab 4 keep on jumping off the wifi?
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  4. How to Fix an Android phone when it’s Wi-Fi won’t turn on | Smart Mobile Phone Solutions

Originally Posted by Miller Anyone experience random WiFi shutting off during use? Same here, but don't know why.

I haven't noticed the free WiFi thing since I've only used secure connections since I got the phone. I wonder what the dilio is. WiFi shutting off It not only dropped connection but shut right off. I I had to go into settings and turn it back on.

wifi connection turns itself off

Check this thread.. Should help Wifi tip. Originally Posted by Jeffrey. Tried the power-save mode fix at top of the thread and my just dropped WiFi came back up as soon as I toggled WiFi power-saving to off.

Didnt even need to recycle the wifi first. I have my WiFi set to automatic and that works just as expected. Connects to WiFi when Bluetooth connection drops. Junior Member. Apr I had that problem and I've only gotten my watch for a couple of days.

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  • wifi connection turns itself off;
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I just turned on wifi to auto when the watch was connected to bluetooth and it just kept going that way for the time being. I've seen that the WiFi turns itaelf off again after some time. I'm pretty curious to know what causes that. Feb Have had my watch five days now and have experienced the problem of not being able to reconnect to Wi-Fi.. But next time the watch is out of BT-reach it is stuck in 'Connecting Have reported this as an issue I'm in Denmark and got the answer: Try to 'Reset' - otherwise wait for an update.

My software version is: Jun Maybe it is a router problem.

Why is my tab 4 keep on jumping off the wifi?

In German forums some dudes have problems with fritz Box router. It does connect only once to the router. Oct Subscribe to Thread Page 1 of 2 1 2. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait.

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  5. Re: WiFi shutting off.
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  8. For the last week i been having issue with my wifi, I turn it off and after like 5 minutes it turns on by itself. I tried to look up the issue, but i can't find anyone reported it before.

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    Most of them are wifi is disconnecting. Can someone please help? Go to Solution. T-Mobile may have an app on the phone that does WiFi Managment. Disable the app. Actually it was the xfinity wifi app that I installed and it had automatically connect to best network,so I turned that off and it resolved the issue. Finally found it on the S8 plus how to turn off it automatically turning wifi on.

    How to Fix an Android phone when it’s Wi-Fi won’t turn on | Smart Mobile Phone Solutions

    Go to settings, click connections, then click locations, then click improve accuracy, then disable wifi scanning. I even knew that answer.

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    Read all App funtions and customer feedback before you install Apps even in Ap store they should tell you what to expect. Hi, I have an unlocked international s7 edge and my WiFi keeps turning on and off continously. I need it to stop doing that.