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Freaking awesome. I agree that iOS 11 is slow, even on iPhone 7 it is slower. Why does Apple release slow software? That will fix your problem. If you have the iOS 11 Beta, I can help you downgrade. History — Prior to Chatting w Apple Support. Tried 5x — failed. Downloaded the. End with Unknown error error Well take that with a grain to salt. Every year Apple says it is impossible to downgrade from the latest iOS. That is their official response because they do not want people to downgrade. They always say that, even when it is possible. But the reality is that as long as Apple is signing the iOS version, it can be downgraded to.

In this case, Apple is still signing iOS The beta GM is the same as the final build, so if Support says you can downgrade from that, well, you get the idea. I suspect those failing in an iOS 11 downgrade are picking the wrong IPSW file or not putting the device into the Recovery configuration. I can downgrade iOS 11 to iOS If you do not have an iOS 10 backup it may not be a good idea to try.

This is also for the technically savvy user, downgrading is not meant for newbies that is for certain. On this 3rd attempt, I noticed that at some point the iTunes process dumped the So I am on my 4th try. I also had Unknown error error 26 on my iPhone 5s. Then select the ipws. I have gone back to Have they stopped signing it? Its never been blurry before. Thats the only complaint I have. Everything eles such as the battery life and new and old features are great. As of September 23rd, do not use this downgrade. It fails during the verification and you have no option to restore from backup, you must wipe to default factory settings.

I hate the up grade. As my finger ended up with quite a dent in it, eventually I used a DIY grip on one to hold down the power button and a book and a marble for the home button; 20 mins later still no DFU mode entered. I suspect that Apple desperate to manage this PR disaster and keep as many users on iOS11, hopefully to get them to wait till they have tried Entering into DFU is as important to Apple as it is to geeks.

DFU is not locked out.

Downgrade iPhone 5 / iPad 4 From iOS 10 -10.3.3 to iOS 8.4.1

You have another issue. Upgrades my 9. I was going to downgrade just so I can reinstall 11 to see if it clears up the keyboard problem. I downloaded ios 11 in 5s 16 gb but downloaded not completed they say not enough memory but my phone free space 2. So is there a way to restore that How do I access that backup on Time Machine? Installed perfectly- until I noticed that any stock app that was changed for ios 11 would crash and attempting to access control center would completely freeze my phone. My 3rd party airplay device is no longer working with ios So I need to revert back to ios I have an IPhone 5s, 64 bit.

I backed up before I upgraded to the horrible 11 but my phone syncs automatically…. Thank you SO much for the guide. It worked for me and everything i could back up restored itself though i had to do both options to get there. Oh AND because I prefer the circles instead of bars for the signal strength indicator. WHY try to be like android??? It sucks balls. Battery life is abysmal. So earlier today I tried the downgrade as described in the article, in recovery mode, and it did not work over several attempts.

I kept getting error messages. Then I tried restoring 11, also in recovery mode. More error messages. Finally I was able to get 11 restored in DFU mode. I restored an 11 backup from the cloud but of course, all my apps have to be re-downloaded and their data is poof, gone. Hi All, i have just tried the above. Lost all my Data!! Is Reset to 1st time use. Please make sure to have Full Backup before proceeding with above. All the Best. It work fine. I already done it.

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  2. Apple servers currently signing older iOS updates, users able to downgrade from iOS 11 - 9to5Mac.
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Put ur iphone in DFU mode, wait till itunes restore icon appeared and connect ur iphone to itunes using cable. Make sure u already not connected with internet. Just wait till it finished and you r ready to go with it: Just wait till it finished and you r ready to go with it. Hope it works for u guys: I tried it and my iPhone is completely stuck with an apple logo on the screens since last night. I thought it was all fun and games until I was looking at a new life with no phone and no apps and no maps and no messages etc.

But very scary. Worked perfectly for me. Went from Feels so good to have force-touch task-switcher back, plus getting rid of all the other force-touch lag that affected my 6s in iOS Thanks osxdaily! May I ask which process you chose: Did you retrieve the ipsw file from ipsw. I tried to do it, almost done it pops up the message that it was unable to complete and had to restore to factory setting…..

This method worked to downgrade my iPhone 5s from So I lost a few months of texts and notes, but nothing critical. For decades, they were flawless. It worked well, thank you Some of the apps were not working on the iOS 11, so when i downgraded as you said in recovery mode, it worked out well…. Now i was able to take the data out from those apps….

Thank goodness someone published this!! The downgrade went off without a hitch just as instructed. Which was really important, because installing iOS 11 on a 5S is a colossal mistake. It was virtually a brick. After rollback, I have my phone back again!!!!!!! Thank You!! A gigging muso in a 5 piece band. Turned up for work and our iPads would not run lyric viewer. Tried both update to roll back and restore. Neither worked. So Annoyed. I tried downgrading with the iOS Followed the instructions. Did not work.

Firmware downgrading

My iPhone 6 froze. The tried it using the recovery mode instructions. It automatically updated to iOS 11 even after following the instructions. Was I using a. My problem with iOS 11 is the Podcast app no longer having playlists. Even the Apple Support staff was unaware of this change. I downloaded the. Any way I can tell if that file was signed by Apple? Sorry, missed the link to https: Thinking it might fix the podcast playlist problem, I tried it. Phone bricked. Called Apple Support.

Got it working, but the Apple support person said Apple gave me the wrong update! I got Upgrades almost always went smoothly. Probably the best third party app for podcasts is called Overcast. I like it more than the default Podcasts app even, it is quite good. What do you do if one of the myriad errors ios 11 caused was an inability to sync to itunes?

It was effecting the functioning of the phone — everything was slowed considerably, and games and finicky scrolling webpages were impossible. Will downgrading just trade my new problems for this one? Hi I am downgrading from Can you plz guide me hoe to get downgrade. If you are getting error when trying to downgrade from iOS 11, it means you can no longer downgrade to iOS You can check IPSW firmware signing status, Apple usually pulls signing a week or so after releasing a newer software update.

Once firmware for iOS is not being signed, you can go forward to newer versions only and no longer downgrade. Would it be possible to back up the application data for a single app from IOS Thanks a lot! After downgrading everything is back to normal and Bluetooth pairing with my car is smooth again. Looks ugly! Not working for me. Downgrade no longer working Oct Dozens of apps no longer work. Phone slow. Phone runs down battery rapidly. Iphone 6. Will Apple ever fix these problems? Total Apple idiotic bs.

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Decline to authorise this image on this device for this user? Ive lost a lot of files with this update. The only thing i can do is buy a second hand ipad with ios My rear camera and lights are not working. Have been tried to reset and delete and still. It happens after the upgrade to iOS This is on an iPhone 5S trying to downgrade back to The lack of a possibly needed encryption key might scupper that idea though.

My problem was that my files were on goodreader version 3. I wasnt aware that this was no longer supported, and would not open in ios So my files were unreadable. I used iphone backup extractor, and downloaded all of the files from my itunes backup. I then downloaded goodreaders own file transfer via usb and put the files back into my new updated ios 11 app. I am scared to death to downgrade however I have used to Goodreader 3 as a document management system from my law practice.

I have spent hours with Apple support, hours at the Genius Bar, hours communicating with the good reader app developer.

How to Downgrade iOS to iOS [No Activation/Blobs]

So upset. Any insight? Bryan — I only read your comment after I had prepared my own. I see that you had luck getting back to Goodreader files. Any ideas there? Front cam stopped working just black screen after the update to iOS I am infuriated byond words, concerning this My phone needs to talk, text and go on line.

Other than taking an occasional picture that was it until a month ago when I had a pacemaker put in my chest. I am now experiencing meany of the same problems as you folks here as well as issues with information transfers to and from this CRT!!! I was not given a choice. My cardiac alarm went off when this damned I am currently wearing a portable defibrillator controller until my phone can get rolled back to Unfortunately you can no longer roll back to iOS Your iPhone will now be on iOS You have a unique situation, perhaps contact Apple directly rather than use enthusiast websites to discuss your issue with the software update.

Be well and good luck! You can no longer downgrade to iOS Contacting Apple will not change that, it is no longer possible because they do not allow it anymore. This was a limited option for a limited time. Now you can update to iOS I have an iPhone 6. I went from iOS 9.

How To Downgrade

It terrible. Definetly way slower!! Significant lag at times! I have the iPhone 6 and it was great until the upgrade. Do yourself a favor! I wish I could go back to iOS 10! Good news. No longer looking to downgrade! The reset only bring the device back to factory reset, cannot bring the device back to iOS 10, may be it helps to solve your webpage not loading and WiFi dropping problem. Am I right to say that? Yes, the downgrade process no longer works.

Unfortunately, my iPad Mini 3 is nearly unusable after upgrading. I keep upgrading to a later 11 release in hopes that performance improves but no luck yet. Disappointed with Apple. Phone is getting slow and some applications are not work. Unable to use jio card in iPhone 5s with the iOS Does signing change the. I want to downgrade my iPhone from Apple are happy that ios 11 breaks your iphone. Give us back the ability to downgrade Apple.

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Whilst the upgrade servers remain in this state, users are able to downgrade from iOS 11 by restoring their firmware to iOS It is not clear why Apple is suddenly allowing this to happen and there is a good chance it is a bug.

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  • Again, Apple has announced a policy change so at the moment the most likely scenario is that this is unintentional and will be reverted soon, unless the company says otherwise. Usually, Apple aggressively stops signing older operating system versions. Apple added this behavior to iPhone 7 with iOS Whilst is still possible to abuse the signing relaxations as shown below , if you are not particularly technically minded it seems best to stick to an iOS They opened up iOS 6. Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news: