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  1. How to change and customize ringtones in Samsung Galaxy Tab
  2. How to change ringtones?! | Samsung Galaxy S II I
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Ben Dreyfuss. Forum posts: Reply More Link to post. Richard S. Yes, it's a basic question but it's oddly difficult to find the answer. I had a tough time working it out when I got my Galaxy S in December. It seems a bit clunky but it seems to be the way the phone was designed. Here's how you set your mp3 as a ringtone: Open any file manager app 2. Look for a folder called Media in the phone's main directory.

Most likely it doesn't exist, so create it by right clicking and choosing New Folder, then rename the folder to be media 3. Inside the media folder, you need a folder called Audio. Inside the Audio folder, create subfolders for the sound categories you want to change: Note, the default Android music player does not have this function, which I consider to be a little odd. Excellent answer. I would most recommend the second approach, if available. A hard press is usually the easiest way to do this.

How to change and customize ringtones in Samsung Galaxy Tab

In any case, it's not so hard to set your mp3 as ringtone. Hi Thanks a lot for the information given because I was getting frustrated not being able to change the ringtones. Alex M. Oh, god.

How to change ringtones?! | Samsung Galaxy S II I

Open settings, go-to sound and choose ringtone, second way - open media player long press audio file or press menu while playing and choose "set as" option. Alarms via Clock app select "other file " option while setting up alarm. Eric McBride. This worked perfectly! Thank you Richard S.

Diana gray. Can you help? Lee Gellie. Even better yet, does anyone know the best media players that have the option to set ringtones? This would handle all questions and everyone could do it. I know I myself don't want to go through a process to set my ringtone. I here a song and go "Yeah, That's my ringtone for today" and want to set it. Nick Mason. I got my S3 today and was wondering the same thing! This worked for me: Open up my computer, and browse to the mobile device 3. Copy the MP3 file into the "ring tones" folder 4.

Kornel Kovacs. Thanks man. This saved my day.

… this isn't the forums?

Cheers, Kornel. None of it did. I can't get my custom ringtone to show up in the list of ringtones in settings. I've rebooted my phone a couple of times and it still won't show up, I have checked that the file is not damaged, and that it's in the correct folder on the SD card. I played it on my phone and it works. The file is not bigger than k but I'm not sure that matters on android phones or other smart phones. I have the Kyocera Rise. I've even downloaded an app which forces a rescan of my SD card for media.

It scanned properly since I saw the notification yet it still won't show up in my settings list for ringtones.

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  • Change the phone ringtone and notification sound on your Samsung Galaxy S II.

I guess my phone just won't allow it.